Saturday, 29 August 2015

WEEK 6 e-journal: Singapore night festival

(images courtesy: Google images \\\ Self-taken)

The Singapore Night festival is a free admission to beautiful extravaganza of art with amazing performances, light installations and other activities. There are food kiosks, music stage performances and other performances such as acrobats. This year i was amazed as how beautiful each and every aspect of the festival was. Every single detail was just breathtaking. Everyone enjoyed to the spontaneous outdoor performances such as flamingo dancing and stand-up comedies and fire and light performances. I truly appreciate such events because its ideally out of the norm and yet intrigues people to come for the festival due to how different and interesting it is. how enchanting and wonderful each and every display and performances are. Its no wonder every year gets more crowded and crowded.  The festival truly a relaxer due to its eye pleasing displays and well layed out performances.One should definitely go! :)

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