Saturday, 1 August 2015

WEEK 2 e-journal :Breaking the Rules

Fashion is a rather tough business,being a woman in a male dominated world is hard enough… Being a woman in the fashion industry, which was and is still today dominated by men who dress women, has always been a challenge. However that did not stop Ms Chanel from pursuing her passion.
I find her highly respectable because even during her time, she overcame the norm and broke the rules by creating her own fashion perspective. She created a world where luxury and comfort could come together in harmony, hand-in-hand. 
She broke many rules and created a revolution! In the 1920s , Women had to wear corsets and other confining garments, because they would accentuate a woman’s curves, but chanel always believed in comfort over anything. to her comfort was in  fact luxury. At that time, figure was everything and chanel threw all that away by creating androgynous clothing that had a boyish, military feel touch to it.
She took inspiration from her then lover boy capel's military troop uniform and incorporated it into her now famous tweed jacket. She used unique inspirations such a the military uniforms to create women clothing, which at her time was considered to be no conventional. She was bold and vocalized her modern way of thinking through her clothes, yet her design aesthetic was so polished and subtle. In the history of fashion, she has trademarked countless staples that make her the influential designer she is, notably the tweed blazer and skirt, little black dress, two toned ballet flat, costume jewelry and quilted bag and chain strap.

She certainly didn't conform to the trend then and created her own path in fashion which many people follow now. She kept the women she was designing for in mind and created an empire and did not follow any trends. She broke the rules by not believing in rules. she made clothing and accessories that felt fashionable and right to her and not anyone else. she broke rules by making clothes that were unconventional at that time but creating an empire that everyone follows today.

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