Saturday, 29 August 2015

WEEK 6 e-journal: Singapore night festival

(images courtesy: Google images \\\ Self-taken)

The Singapore Night festival is a free admission to beautiful extravaganza of art with amazing performances, light installations and other activities. There are food kiosks, music stage performances and other performances such as acrobats. This year i was amazed as how beautiful each and every aspect of the festival was. Every single detail was just breathtaking. Everyone enjoyed to the spontaneous outdoor performances such as flamingo dancing and stand-up comedies and fire and light performances. I truly appreciate such events because its ideally out of the norm and yet intrigues people to come for the festival due to how different and interesting it is. how enchanting and wonderful each and every display and performances are. Its no wonder every year gets more crowded and crowded.  The festival truly a relaxer due to its eye pleasing displays and well layed out performances.One should definitely go! :)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

WEEK 5 e-journal: Lateral Thinking

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This week in class, we learned to use lateral thinking by creating unusual solutions to an issue. Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and it basically involves ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.
It has taught me to think outside the box and to not stick to conventional ideas and ideas that are rational and practical. It makes me come up with the wildest idea and does not make me afraid to approach the crazy ideas.
Lateral thinking allows me to question my ideas and analyse them to improve them. To me lateral thinking is to use your inspiration and imagination to solve problems by looking at them from unexpected perspectives. Lateral thinking involves removing the obvious, leaving behind traditional thoughts, and throwing away preconceptions and encourages wild crazy ideas to come up with an actual new creative product or what not. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

WEEK 4 e-journal: ART in Little things

Above are the images I have taken over a period of some days.
I find that you can find art in ordinary everyday things like flowers and doors. Its astonishing to me as to how such simple things can exhibit such beauty. However i have also realized that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to see beauty, you have to choose to see it.
It certainly easy to see such miraculous things in our everyday if we choose to set our mindset on the good things and it also further solidifies the fact that art is in everything and that you can make something creative out of being inspired by something very simple.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WEEK 3 e-journal: Brainstorming

Image result for brainstormImage result for brainstormImage result for brainstorm sessionImage result for ideasImage result for ideas tumblr(images courtesy: taken by myself & Google images)

This week in class, we had to brainstorm about random topics as seen above in the first 5 pictures.
I think that brainstorming is an excellent way of projecting interesting ideas and thoughts that we may have been afraid to voice out or may have thought it was ridiculous. I have learned that no idea is crazy or irrational when it comes to brainstorming.

In fact brainstorming is extremely important to come up good and innovative ideas that may be used to make great things. Even many quirky out of the box ideas have been used to make interesting things such as furniture and electronics. No matter how poorly you run a brainstorming meeting, some decent ideas will surface.

It’s interesting to consider why coming up with ideas needs to be a social process. Great programmers, designers, and even managers come up with many of their best ideas in the solitary space of their own minds. We really don’t need a huge meeting or a fancy process to generate ideas. Brainstorming session brings people together into the creative process, and increases the social nature of the project. All feel as though they are contributing to what they will be working on in the future. It can be a bonding experience and, more importantly, get people thinking and communicating with each other about topics relevant to the next few weeks or months of work.

Therefore, brainstorming is an excellent pathway to bigger better ideas and creation.