Thursday, 8 October 2015

Week 9 e-journal: Force Connection

Above are 6 photos i have drawn out with an object forced connected with an adjective.
The first one is a passionate candle: the candles are connected for a intimate feel.
Sad candle: Designed to be like a frown
Creative candle: Curved and twirled.
Greedy candle: Multiple candle connected to one stand.
Hardworking Candle: One candle with multiple wicks.

The 6 photos uploaded above is a cup force connected with adjectives.
Passionate cup: Instead of a handle, the cup has openings, so that the fingers can go through the cup and hold it.
Sad cup: A cup with a dent.
Brave cup: A cup with a pointed bottom.
Creative cup: A square cup
Greedy cup: a cup with a "bitten off" pattern
Hardworking cup: 4 small cups,joined together.

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