Sunday, 13 September 2015

WEEK 7: Classroom exercise 2

Identify 3 existing products to discover relationships to other objects and images. Preferably seeking examples where a modest source has influenced the form of a luxurious target, and vice versa.

Wood; Wood is definitely a material that has been influenced to form other objects such as tables, chairs and clothes hanger. The options are endless as to what one can do with wood and what wood can inspire to do.
Image result for wood log
Image result for wood table
Image result for wood items
Image result for wood hanger
The second object would be Flowers.Flowers and its shapes and patterns can be incorporated in many ways such as 

Hair clips: Image result for flower items

Jewelry: Image result for flower jewelry

Prints: Image result for flower dresses

Plates: Image result for flower shaped plate

The third object would be Plastic, from raw plastic many things are made:

Raw plastic

Image result for plastic things
Water bottle

Image result for plastic utensils

Image result for plastic bags

Image result for plastic things

Image result for plastic table

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